Amici's San Francisco Bay Area

by sandy

I like Amici's in the Mission Bay area of San Francisco. Most places in that area of San Francisco have little seating. But this Amici's gives you enough seating so you have privacy.

This place is nice for dates but not to dressy. It's clean! The windows are clean and the floor looks good always. This may not seem like a big thing. But it is. There are so many restaurants in the city which are dirty. I'm sorry. I love eating in a clean place.

All the salads and the pizza ingredients are fresh. There is nothing preserved. I believe they make their salads on order. Yum.

They are open Monday through Sundays on set hours. This is a plus. Why? because many places in the bay area have unpredictable hours. It's a pain to drive to a restaurant only to find its closed on Mondays or whatever. I don't like checking online every time I want to go somewhere to find out what the hours are.

The pizza is not loaded with cheese and the sauce has just the right amount seasonings. They also have good gluten free pizza. The pizzas are delicately pungent tasty and just plain good. Even a plain pizza dazzles my taste buds. And their pepperoni is to die for.

I'm starting to get extra saliva in my mouth as I write about this. So you know its good.

Great food and a clean modern design. A place where you eat and don't mind sitting and watching the baseball stadium. Near to the waterfront in case you get the urge to walk off your pizza. Convenient parking at the nearby Safeway parking lot. Downside: you've got to buy something in Safeway to get free parking. Oh well. That's San Francisco.

A picture of a gluten free Amici's pizza is available at switch2glutenfree on flickr. This picture gives you a sense of what all their thin pizzas look like. I would have added the picture but can't access it for posting due to rights on it.

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