Dessert Pizza Recipe

A dessert pizza recipe can be delicious, crowd-pleasing, and fun to make. Try our chocolate chip dessert pizza, it's fabulous!

Most people probably don't think of pizza when they think of dessert. But the truth is, anything can be made into a pizza. Chocolate, cookie dough and other sweet flavors are no exception. In fact, a dessert pizza is a great way to follow up a nice meal with family and friends.

What type of sweet pizza should you make? Well, the options are really endless, but with any meal, the best way to make a great dessert is by using great ingredients and your imagination.

A delicious dessert pizza can range from super quick and simple to a little more involved. You'll see recipes that are both easy and a couple more involved below.

Start With A Creative Crust

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A dessert pizza can start with your basic pizza crust, but don't limit yourself to that. Experiment using other types of bases such as a graham cracker pie crust, a chocolate pie crust, cookie dough, shortbread, brownies, pastry dough or even melted chocolate.

Sweet Sauces

Sauces for your dessert pizza can range from simple hot fudge or caramel sauce from a jar to homemade sauces to no sauces at all. Just a sprinkle of powdered sugar, cocoa, or espresso may be all you need to elegantly top off your dessert creation. Again, use the recipes below to get your creative juices flowing!

Tasty Toppings

The sky is the limit here. You can use all types of candies such as, M&M's, sprinkles, peanut butter, candy bars, nuts, etc. Also try fruit pizza recipes (like sliced bananas or strawberries) to kick up the flavor a bit. Check out these dessert pizza recipes and experiment making your own sweet dessert pizza! 

Chocolate Chip Pizza

Chocolate chips, marshmallows and peanut butter. Need I say more?

Brownie pizza
This dessert pizza recipe uses a brownie base with fresh fruit as a topping.

Chocolate peanut butter pizza
This sweet dish combines chocolate and peanut butter and is topped off with an assortment of delicious candies.

Good ol' chocolate pizza
Definitely for chocolate lovers, this recipe has a chocolate crust and toppings!

Pumpkin pizza
A great fall, or anytime pizza, this pumpkin pizza starts with a sweet homemade crust and ends with a delicious pumpkin and pecan flavor.

Candy Pizza
The sweet pie involves sprinkles, coconut, chocolate chips and Rice Crispy cereal. It's definitely a crowd pleaser.

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