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Crazy About Crazy Bread?

Little Caesars pizza pizza is one of the top carry-out pizza restaurants. Check out the Little Caesars menu and Little Caesars coupons.

Remember Pizza!Pizza!? Little Caesars became famous with that campaign in the late 70's, early 80's.

We all but thought Little Caesars had gone out of business in the 90's, but apparently they just cut back on stores due to financial troubles. They were never completely out of the pizza game, though.

A Pepperoni Pizza From Little Caesars

Today, after being in business for 50 years, Little Caesars is growing again, opening new carry-out restaurants in cities where they were once cutting back. In fact, one just opened one block from our HQ after being MIA in Denver for years.

Still owned by Mike and Marian Ilitch, the couple who started the chain in 1959, Little Caesars is like the little train that could. It went through a hard time, but is now growing again. We respect that.

If you'll recall (if you ever ordered Little Caesars during the early 80's), the 2-for-1 pizzas were square and came in a huge, long, awkward box.

The pizza was good (depending on who you ask), but the crazy bread was even better. They have since gone to regular pizza boxes...thank goodness! If you had a compact car, you couldn't fit the dang box in it to get it home!

Today, the 2-for-1 offer appears to be defunct, but they now have a Hot & Ready pizza. No need to call it in ahead of time, they have them ready to go when you walk in the door (at least in theory - we did have to wait about 5 minutes, but that's still less time than it takes to cook a frozen pizza (and cheaper too).


Little Caesar's has several thousand restaurants around the U.S. They closed a bunch of stores in the 90's, but are now opening stores again. Check out the Little Caesars website for locations.

Let's see what else is happening at Little Caesars!

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