Pizza Hut Pizza

For over 50 years, Pizza Hut pizza has been satisfying even the most discriminating pizza lovers, but the Pizza Hut history may surprise you.

It wasn't created by a big corporation, but rather hatched as a small pizza joint by two college-aged brothers in 1958. Pizza Hut has grown to over 10,000 pizza restaurants around the world.

So what is it that makes their pizzas so great? What's the secret formula?

The Pizza Hut menu? How big is the selection? Do they offer healthy choices?

The Pizza Hut online coupons? How good are the deals and are they easy to find?

Pizza Hut nutrition facts? How does this pizza giant stack up in the nutrition department?

Well, if you ask five people, you'll probably get five different answers. Some say the sauce is what makes Pizza Hut so great, while others insist it's the crust, still others will say they don't like it at all.

Everyone has an opinion about what makes a pizza tasty. Chances are, you've had Pizza Hut at one time or another in your life and you've come to your own conclusions, therefore we won't debate whether Pizza Hut has good pizza or not.

That is a matter of opinion...and we'd like to hear yours, so please share it with us. Tell us what you like or dislike about Pizza Hut!

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