Pizza Places

Wherever you live, you most likely have great pizza places nearby. Some towns obviously have more options than others, but a good pizza is usually never far away.

If you live in a bigger city, and you like trying new places, then you’re really in luck.

New pizza restaurants are always popping up, giving the pizza lover a reason to try something new. And of course, it’s not always just about the pizza. Atmosphere, pizza delivery, non-pizza options (like salads) and beer selection all can play an important role in making a pizza place really great.

For example, in Denver where I live, I see new pizza joints opening on a regular basis.

There are the staples that have been around forever, like Marco’s, Ernies and Pasquini’s, but there’s always room for a newbie in town, especially one that can put a new spin on an old classic.

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Different parts of the country are going to offer different styles of pizza as well. In Chicago, you’ll find hundreds of great pizza places that will offer up a great deep-dish, Chicago-style pizza.

In New York, street vendors and pizza joints alike serve up large, thin crust New York style pizza that is meant to be folded over and eaten on the run.

Go to California and you’ll find a whole other type of pizza that will include avocado’s, chicken and other “California-style” toppings, similar to what you’d find at the California Pizza Kitchen (the name gives that one away).

And then, of course, you always have the old standbys for pizza delivery such as Pizza Hut Pizza, Domino’s Pizza and Papa Johns Pizza, which grace just about every major (and minor) city in the United States and beyond.

If you’re visiting a new city, I highly recommend finding a local pizza restaurant to try out. There are so many little pizza treasures that are unknown to those who aren’t locals.

Ask your hotel or local friends to recommend some places. You may stumble upon the best pizza you’ve ever had!

Also check the list of restaurants below, which are listed by city. These were compiled to help you track down great local places in some of the bigger cities (I threw in some smaller chains, as well).

Pizza By City

Albuquerque Pizza
Pizza in this New Mexico town can mean everything from New York style to deep dish to gluten free.

Atlanta Pizza
Georgia is well known for its succulent peaches, but the pizza in this popular southeastern city is also first-rate!

Austin Pizza
This happening city has lots of great pizza, Austin style!

Boston Pizza
Beantown is not lacking in pizza variety...and these places deliver to your door.

Chicago Pizza
The Windy City is known for its deep dish delicious pizzas. Which hotspots serve up the best?

Dallas Pizza
The Big D delivers some big taste with a wide variety of pizza places.

Denver Pizza
The Mile High City is not lacking in great pizza joints (and microbrews!).

Houston Pizza
This Texas city has alot to offer in the world of pizza. See for yourself.

Las Vegas Pizza
Among the glitz of glamour of Sin City are a few pizza treasures to be found.

New York City Pizza
NYC is the place for great pizza. But who has the best slice?

Philadelphia Pizza
A Philly cheesesteak pizza isn't the only pizza you'll find in this cultured city.

Phoenix Pizza
By the time I get to Phoenix, there'll be pizza waiting.....!!

Portland Pizza
This NW city isn't lacking in great pizza. Find out for yourself.

San Antonio Pizza
This South Texas town is known for good BBQ, but how about the pizza? You might be surprised.

San Diego Pizza
The gorgeous scenery isn't all this West Coast city has going for it.

San Francisco Pizza
Pizza in the Bay City is as wonderful and diverse as the city itself.

Seattle Pizza
This cool city has more than just great coffee and music. Check out their hot pizza spots.

Tucson Pizza
This Arizona town has plenty of good-tasting pizzas being served around town. Find out where.

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