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Seattle pizza is as cool and diverse as the city itself. With lots of pizza restaurants to choose from, Seattle is a great place for those looking to try new places. Of course, I can't begin to scratch the surface of all the fabulous places in Seattle, so if you know of one, please share it below!

Most any pizza place is going to have both fans and people who think it doesn’t rate on the pizza scale.

Here are several pizza places to try and judge for yourself.

Serious Pie (
Just like the name, Serious Pie makes serious pizza in a stone-encased applewood burning oven. They use artisan cheeses and other fancy ingredients such as sweet fennel sausage, pancetta, penn cove clam and wild arugula. Pizza ranges from $16 - $18. You can also get satisfy your sweet tooth with some interesting desserts.

Location: 316 Virginia, Seattle, WA 98121    
Delivery:  No
Beer & Wine: Yes

Fatty’s Corner Pizzeria (
Fatty’s offers a good selection of specialty pizzas ($18-$20) such as a White Pie, Chicken Parmesan pizza and a Margherita pizza. The menu also includes wings, salads, pasta, such as ziti, Stromboli and calzones.

Location: 10410A Greenwood Avenue N., Seattle, WA (closed Mondays)
Delivery:   Yes
Beer & Wine: Not on menu

Kylie’s Chicago Pizza (
As the name suggests, Kylie’s specializes in Chicago-style deep dish pizza. If you’re not up for a deep dish, you can get a good variety of thin crust pizzas including chicken pesto, Mediterranean and pesto vegetarian.

Location: 3601 Fremont Ave N #101 Seattle, WA (closed Mondays)
Beer & Wine: Yes

Seattle Food & Bev b

Pagliacci Pizza Broadway (
Pagliacci’s offers whole pies, pizza by the slice, calzones, lasagna and salads. The large selection of pizzas will give you plenty to choose from. They even have seasonal offerings.

Location: Many – check their website
Delivery:   Yes
Beer & Wine: Not on menu

Tutta Bella Neapolitan Pizzeria (
This Seattle pizza place specializes in Neapolitan pizza, which is cooked in a wood fired oven. Tutta Bella has a large selection of pizzas, salads, pasta and desserts. 

Location: Several locations
Delivery: Takeout available
Beer & Wine: Yes

Zeeks Pizza (
Lots of pizzas to choose from at Zeeks. They offer over ten signature meat combos and nine different veggie combos including the Tree Hugger, the Frog Belly Green and the Hurricane (love the names!). The menu also includes classic pies, salads, breadsticks and desserts. 

Location:  Several
Delivery:  Yes
Beer & Wine: Yes

Flying Saucer Pizza (
This cool Seattle pizza place specializes in personal pizzas or “saucers” as they like to call them. The pizzas are smaller so everyone can have exactly what they want. They also have fun names for their specialty pizzas like the Cosmic Clucker, The Big Bang and Asteroid Belt. Appropriate, given the name of the restaurant.

Location: 14712 NE 91st Street, Suite 400, Redmond, WA 98052
Delivery:  Yes
Beer & Wine: Not on menu

Seattle Food & Bev

Veraci Pizza (
This Seattle pizza has an ultra-thin artisan crust made from a secret recipe. The Veraci pizzas are cooked fast in a very hot wood fired oven. You can order by the pizza or by the slice. Pizzas range from $17 - $19. The menu also includes gluten free pizza, salads and homemade gelato and sorbetto.

Location: 500 NW Market Street, Seattle, WA (closed Tuesdays)
Beer & Wine: Yes

Red Star Pizza
This Seattle pizza place offers a lot of specialty pizzas and classic pizzas with a hand-tossed or garlic-basted pan crust. Check out their specials too. The menu also includes subs, pasta, salad, wings and ice cream.

Location: 7514 35th Ave SW Seattle, WA 98126 (closed Mondays)
Delivery:  Yes
Beer & Wine: Not on menu

Did we miss an awesome Seattle pizza place? Tell us about it and we’ll add it to the list!

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