Low Fat Pizza

A low fat pizza can be delicious. Just choose your healthy pizza ingredients wisely!

Yes, it is possible to have a healthy pizza.

Is it as good as a Pizza Hut Supreme pizza? Well, let's not get crazy, but it is possible, depending on your taste.

A pizza lower in fat is simple to make. Just start with a healthy crust. That is key!

Some good options are a flatbread or whole wheat pizza dough, which can be quite delicious. Or even try a tortilla pizza as a crust, making a low carb pizza and low fat!

Remember: You'll almost always have a lower fat pizza if you select a thin crust over a thick or hand-tossed crust.

In real estate, the saying is "location, location, location." Well in low-fat pizza, it's "thin crust, thin crust, thin crust!"

Select a low-sodium pizza sauce and then be wise with your toppings. Lots of veggies, low-fat meat and cheese can complete a delicious, low fat option.

Here's a low fat pizza recipe to get you started.

Start your pizza off right with a low fat pizza crust recipe.

Learn more about pizza calories.

Restaurant & Frozen Pizza - Are There Low Fat Options?

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Yes, there are! You just have to pay close attention to the ingredients, but many pizza brands offer up a healthier, lower fat option. In general, opt for thin crust and lots of veggie toppings to fill you up. Skip the fatty meats (like pepperoni and sausage) and go with chicken instead of beef. These choices will also result in lower fat, even at the major pizza chains. Here are a few brands to check out for lower fat pizza:

Papa Murphy's

I love Papa Murphy's! They have awesome take and bake pizza. And what makes them even better is they offer up low fat pizza options called Thin Crust deLITE®. This popular pie has 40% fewer calories and 30% less fat than their other pizzas (it's all in the crust)! The Thin Crust deLITE® pizza is a great option when watching the figure. It offers a variety toppings as well.

California Pizza Kitchen

You can find some lower fat, healthy options if you visit a CPK restaurant. Don't be fooled though - just because something sounds healthy, doesn't mean its necessarily low fat. Here are some good options:

  • Hawaiian Pizza on Honey-Wheat Whole Grain Crust
  • Italian Tomato & Basil on Honey-Wheat Whole Grain Crust
  • Vegetarian with Japanese Eggplant on Honey-Wheat Whole Grain Crust
  • Original BBQ Chicken with Honey-Wheat Whole Grain Crust

California Pizza Kitchen - Frozen Pizzas

Love that you can buy CPK's awesome pizza flavors in the grocery store. Here are a couple good low fat pizza options (but keep in mind frozen pizza can very high in sodium even if lower in fat):

Garlic Chicken on Crispy Thin Crust
This pizza was one of the lower fat options I found out of all the CPK frozen pizzas. Just 9 grams of fat for 1/3 of a pizza (and we all know how easy it is to gobble up a whole frozen pizza - let's not kid ourselves). That's 27 grams of fat in the whole thing. Not too bad - especially when you compare it to other pizzas.

BBQ Recipe Chicken on Crispy Thin Crust
This is also a good option with the same 9 grams of fat in 1/3 of the pizza. Compare that to the BBQ Recipe Chicken on self rising crust. That pizza has 50 grams of fat in the whole pizza (10g of fat for a serving size - 1/5 of pizza)! Select the same pizza with thin crust and you just saved yourself 23 grams of fat. See why your crust selection makes such a big difference in the amount of fat that is in your pizza?

Some Other Frozen Low Fat Pizza Options

Amy's Kitchen - Roasted Vegetable Pizza = 27 grams of fat in whole pizza (vegan as well)
Tombstone - Light Veggie Pizza = 30 grams in whole pizza (6 grams for 1/5 of pizza)
Kashi - Thin Crust Mediterranean Pizza = 27 grams of fat in whole pizza (9g for 1/3 of pizza)

You can find low fat pizza in restaurants and stores, but your best bet is to make your own homemade pizza where you control the ingredients! Find lots of healthy pizza recipes here at CompletelyPizza.com!

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