Pizza Hut Nutrition

We compare Pizza Hut nutrition facts to other popular pizza chains to see how it stacks up. What are the calories in Pizza Hut pizza...? Let's find out.

After all, pizza is a comfort food, right? Do we really want to know how many calories are in that cheesy, gooey slice of paradise?

Maybe not. But still, there are many of you who watch your diet closely, even on pizza night.

So how does Pizza Hut stack up?

First off, we're impressed that Pizza Hut's nutritional facts are easy to find on the home page of the company's main website.

We hate digging for that kind of information. The link is right there, easy to find. In addition to the detailed nutrition chart, they also offer an exchange list for diabetics, a nice feature.

But how does a slice of Pizza Hut pizza compare to other chains in terms of fat and calories? We compare a few types of pizza below to find out. The good news? Trans fat is clearly a no-no in all of the pizzas we looked at.

The bad news? Well, Pizza Hut pizza didn't exactly come out on top in terms of fat and calories in our little comparison.

Let's take a look...

(note: all nutritional information has been taken from Pizza Hut, Dominos and Papa John's websites. Is it accurate? We don't know, we just assume they tell the truth.)

Cheese Pizza
Serving Size = 1 slice from a 14" (large) pie, thin crust

Pizza Hut nutrition certainly doesn't win points in the calories or saturated fat categories.

Next we took each of the pizza restaurants "supreme-type" pizza which comes with a couple different meats and veggies (toppings may vary on each pizza). All include cheese and hand tossed or original crust.

Supreme Pizza (or similar)
Serving size = 1 slice from 14" (large) pizza, original crust 

Ouch - so Pizza Hut again tops the list for calories and fat. Unfortuntaely saturated fat tops the list as well. Not great for those of you watching your cholesterol, which is many of us.

Okay, let's look at one more...the classic Pepperoni and Cheese pizza.

Pepperoni & Cheese Pizza
Serving size = 1 slice from 14" (large) pizza, original crust 

Pizza Hut nutrition stats still tops the list in fat and calories.

Okay, so the Pizza Hut options above may not be the healthiest or leanest, but that doesn't mean you should stop eating Pizza Hut altogether.

But if you're watching your waistline and/or chloresterol, you might want to look at Pizza Hut's healthier options (like veggie pizza and a multigrain crust), or give up pizza altogether (yes, we're kidding).

Some people we talked to didn't care which pizza was higher in fat and calories and that they would continue to eat Pizza Hut because of it's flavor.

Remember, everything in moderation, so whatever pizza you choose, enjoy it!

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