Types of Pizza

Types of pizza...where to begin?

The beauty of pizza is that there is one for everyone.

Whether you like your pizza thick or thin, spicy or bland, loaded with fat or on the lean side, meaty or veggie-only, there's a pizza to fit just about everybody's taste.

From Chicago Style to Sicilian, yes, there really is something for everyone!  Here are a few of the most common types.

CHICAGO STYLE PIZZA - this style of pizza was born in, you guessed it, Chicago. It typically has a thicker, deep dish crust with tomato sauce and lots of cheese.

FROZEN PIZZA - Most of us have had frozen pizza at one time or another. Today, frozen pizzas vary a great deal in quality and price. I love that you can find healthy frozen pizza options, like Kashi and Amy's, in the grocery store these days.

GREEK PIZZA - Greek pizza is usually full of herbs with traditional greek flavors such as olives, feta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, bell peppres and basil.

GRILLED PIZZA - Pizza that you make right on your grill. So fast, affordable and delicious. Much easier then you might think! Try it!

NEW YORK STYLE PIZZA - New York Style pizzas are usually large, thin slices. New Yorkers like to fold their pizza and eat it like a sandwich. Big on the cheese, this style pizza is quite delicious.

SICILIAN PIZZA - Sicilian pizza originates in Sicily and has commonly with a thick, square crust. Anchovies are also common on a Sicilian pizza (not on mine though!).

SQUARE PIZZA - I bet you know what this is. Yes, Sicilian pizza is typically square, but some restaurants make good ol' pepperoni pizza square, and for some reason, it makes it taste so good!

TAKE AND BAKE PIZZA - Take and bake pizza has grown in popularity over the last several years thanks to pizza restaurants like Papa Murphy's and Nick N' Willy's. You just call in your pizza order and pick it up - the only difference being that when you get home, you pop that pizza in the oven. It's not frozen pizza though - it's a fresh pizza made to order.

WHITE PIZZA - White pizza is a nice alternative to tomato sauce. Typically made of creams, garlic and cheeses, white pizza is a big hit in the United States.

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