Take and Bake Pizza

Take and bake pizza is a wonderful, cheaper way to get restaurant pizza baked right at home.

Try this take out pizza from Papa Murphy's pizza place.

My family loves take out pizza, especially Papa Murphy's, mainly because we have one near our house! But there are a lot of great take out pizza's out there.

What Is Take 'n Bake Pizza?

Take and bake (or "take n bake") is a freshly made pizza that is prepared at the restaurant, but baked at home in your own oven.

How Is It Different Than Frozen Pizza?

Well, mainly it's different because, it's not frozen. It's freshly prepared in the kitchen of your local take n bake pizza place. The rest of the process is like making a frozen pizza...you take off the wrapper and put it in the oven. But the taste is most likely going to be a bit better than your standard frozen pizza (not that we don't love some of the frozen pizzas out there!).

The other great thing about take and bake is that you order it ahead just the way you like it as if ordering from Pizza Hut or Dominos. The ingredients are fresh (or should be) and the pizza is just the way you like it.

Is Take And Bake Cheaper Than Delivery?

Yes, typically take and bake is cheaper. Think of the costs that are saved for a take and bake pizza chain operator by not baking the pizzas in the store! Ovens, energy, time...they certainly should be cheaper!

Let's compare...

A large Domino's pizza with a couple toppings is around $18 (roughly and depending on your area). Then add tax and tip. After tip, you're around $21.

A large Papa Murphy's pizza is going to cost you around $10-$12. And you don't have to tip anyone since you pick it up.

(Keep in mind that some places, like Homemade Pizza Co are a tad more "gourmet-style" and therefore more expensive.)

That's a pretty decent savings, especially if you order two of them.

Take 'n Bake Pizza Places

There are a lot of wonderful take and bake pizza places. Many are small and are local to certain areas, but there are a few bigger franchises that have made a name for themselves in the take and bake market.

Papa Murphys - this pizza franchise is growing like crazy. It shows the growing popularity of take n bake pies. Visit our Papa Murphys pizza page to learn more about their menu. (www.papamurphys.com)

Nick and Willys - Nick and Willy is awesome take n bake and offers some great California style pizzas such as Garlic Chicken with Smoke Bacon and a Margherita Pizza. Their flavors are great and the pizza is really delicious. (www.nicknwillys.com).

Homemade Pizza Co. - Big on the east coast, this take and bake pizza place offers delicious gourmet-style pizzas, including a spinach pie, carmelized onion and sausage pie and fresh herb pie. A bit more expensive at around $18 for a large, these pizzas are worth the price. (www.homemadepizza.com)

There are countless other take n bake pizza places, so check your local area for a fabulous local place near you.

One More Thing

We've ordered Papa Murphy's pizzas for a party we once had and, I have to say, that wasn't ideal, especially if you only have one oven. We were constantly swapping out pizzas in the oven, they weren't all ready at the same time and while the pizza was delicious, it was a bit more hassle then we wanted.

For a crowd, you might opt for delivery!

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