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Portland Oregon Pizza Restaurants

Pizza Portland style includes everything from pies made with organic cornmeal to pies cooked in a camping trailer. There definitely isn’t a shortage of great pizza in Portland. From deep dish, to vegan to thin crust, you’re sure to find a pizza that satisfies your cravings in this Northwest city.

Most any pizza place is going to have both fans and people who think it doesn’t rate on the pizza scale.

Here are several pizza places to try and judge for yourself. If you know of a great pizza place in Portland, please tell us about it below.

Firehouse (
Pizza Portland style at the Firehouse means using sustainable meats, fish and produce. They bake their pies in a wood-fired oven and use toppings such as house made fennel sausage, sopressata, olives, crimini mushrooms and fresh mozzarella. The menu also offers salads, steak, chicken and appetizers.

Location: 711 NE Dekum St., Portland, OR 97255
Delivery: No. Take-out available
Beer & Wine: Yes

Sizzle Pie (
If you are vegan or vegetarian you won’t be disappointed at Sizzle Pie. They offer a nice selection of both. You can also get a meat pie like the Pig Destroyer or The Ol’ Dirty or a Double Decker pizza with two layers of crust and cheese. Lots of toppings to choose from as well as salad.

Location: 624 E. Burnside, Portland, OR 97214
Delivery: No.
Beer & Wine: Yes

Apizza Scholls (
This pizza Portland style includes handmade dough and a very hot oven. Their house pies include everything from a Margherita to a New York White Pie to a Pig & Pineapple Pizza. Apizza Scholls prides itself in fresh ingredients and ingredients that are never frozen. The menu also offers salads, antipasti and dessert.

Location: 4741 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Portland, OR 97215
Delivery: No
Beer & Wine: No

Dove Vivi  (
This Portland pizza place offers cornmeal crusts (made from organic cornmeal) and lots of variety including vegan pizza. The specialty pizzas include combos such as a corn pizza (mozzarella, smoked mozzarella, balsamic marinated roasted red onions, fresh sweet corn and chives), or a goat cheese pizza. You can choose a classic Pepperoni or Veggie pizza as well. The menu also includes salads and dessert.

Location: 2727 NE Glisan St., Portland, OR 97232
Delivery: No. Take- out available (par-baked pizzas for baking at home also available).
Beer & Wine: Yes

Ken’s Artisan Pizza (
Ken’s offers pizza Portland style by cooking their pies in a very hot wood-fired oven. They use fresh, in-season ingredients here so the menu changes depending on what fresh ingredients are available. Ride your bike (bike parking available), order a glass a wine from their large wine list and enjoy an artisan baked pie.

Location: 304 SE 28th Ave., Portland, OR 97209     
Delivery: No. Take-out available at certain times. Call for details.
Beer & Wine: Yes

Wy’east Pizza (
This groovy Portland pizza joint makes pizza inside a converter camper trailer. Seating consists of four picnic benches out front.  But the pizza is hot and so are the reviews on the taste of these pies Portland style. Their seasonal special is called “Goat Rocks!” and is topped with asparagus, chili flakes, goat cheese and lemon zest. The menu also offers several unique red pies, white pies and a vegan pizza.

Location: 3131 SE 50th Ave., Portland, OR 97206
Delivery: No. Take-out available.
Beer & Wine: No

Did we miss an awesome pizza Portland style? Tell us about it and we’ll add it to the list!

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