Pizza Hut Menu

Is the Pizza Hut menu keeping up with the changing tastes of consumers? We'll find out!

The menu has grown over the years just as any restaurant's menu must do to keep up with the changing tastes of it's customers.

We took a look at the menu, including specialty pizzas, crust and sauce selection, toppings and healthy options, to see how it compares in variety to other top pizza chains.

Keep in mind this information changes on any given day and by location, so don't hold us to this, but we'll do our best to keep the information updated.

Try replicating a Pizza Hut crust recipe or a Pizza Hut sauce recipe at home!

Specialty Pizzas

The Pizza Hut menu offers a good selection of "specialty pizzas" in addition to the "build your own" variety. Speciaty pizzas are pre-designed creations for those of you who would rather not go to the trouble of creating your own masterpiece.

(Of course the options vary depending on location and change frequently so check the Pizza Hut website for the most current information.)

Pizza Hut Specialty Pizzas include:

  • The Edge™ Pizza - The Works ("The Edge" means the sauce and toppings go all the way to the edge of the pizza.)

  • The Edge™ Pizza - Pepperoni

  • The Edge™ Pizza - Meaty

  • The Triple Meat Italiano - with a focus on Italian meats like pepperoni, Italian sausage and baked ham.

  • Dan's Original - This classic includes pepperoni, Italian sausage and white mushrooms.

  • Spicy Sicilian - if you like it hot and spicy...

  • Hawaiian Luau - you guessed it, pineapple, ham and smoked bacon.

  • Cheese Lover's Pizza - yep, cheese and more cheese!

  • Meat Lover's Pizza - yep, meat and more meat!

  • Pepperoni Lover's Pizza - bet you guessed it!

  • Veggie Lover's Pizza - good selection for the vegetarian in the group.

  • Supreme Pizza - pepperoni, Italian sausage, green peppers, red onions and mushrooms.

  • Super Supreme Pizza - same as above but add ham, beef and olives!

Keep in mind that Pizza Hut online coupons often include their specialty pizzas, so keep them in mind for a money saving option.

Crust Options

The Pizza Hut menu offers several crust options to please a crowd.

But while most pizza places offer a variety of similar crust options (thick, thin, etc), no two pizza restaurants have the same crust recipe, so this is where a pizza can really stand out.

The Pizza Hut menu does include a couple of unique crust options in addition to the thin, crispy crust and the hand-tossed variety:

-Pan Pizza - thick crust that is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.

-Stuffed Crust Pizza - crust that is filled with cheese - (in case you just didn't get enough on top of the pizza!). Stuffed crust isn't an option found at all the pizza joints, so if you're a fan of extra cheese on and in your pizza, you better give this gut buster a try!

-Multigrain - we're starting to see this option at several pizza restaurants now, which is great for those of you trying to stay on the healthier side. Will this option stick around? We're guessing it won't, but let's hope we're wrong.

Healthy Options

The Pizza Hut menu offers a few items that can help you stay on the healthy side. Here are some good tips for ordering healthy (or lower fat):

-Veggie Pizza - staying away from meat? Select a veggie pizza to cut down on fat and keep your toppings on the healthier side. Pizza Hut offers the standard crowd pleasing veggie options such as green peppers, mushrooms, olives and tomatoes.

-Multigrain crust - everyone knows that whole grain is a better option then plain old white bread, so try this option for a healthier slant to your regular pizza selection.

-Thin crust - Trying to cut down on fat and calories? Select a thin crust instead of a thicker crust. For example, if you select a cheese pizza on a thin crust instead of hand-tossed, you could save yourself up to 60 calories, 10 grams of carbohydrates and a gram of fat per slice. That can add up!

(Tip: Dabbing the grease off your pizza with a paper towel will also save you some calories.)


The Pizza Hut menu offers all the standard toppings such as sausage, beef, bacon, chicken, ham and your typical veggies including olives, red & green peppers, jalapenos, mushrooms and onions. But compared to Dominos Pizza Restaurant and Papa John's Pizza, Pizza Hut's toppings selection is on the limited side.

Pizza Hut doesn't offer some of the less typical toppings such as spinach, feta, salami and sliced provolone.

Not that that is necessarily a bad thing. The general public probably sticks to the more standard toppings, therefore, that's where Pizza Hut makes it's money. But if you're looking for toppings that are a bit out of the ordinary, you might need to try someplace like California Pizza Kitchen.

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