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Ready for a slice?

Like other top pizza chains, the Dominos Pizza menu has a nice variety of crusts (including gluten free), specialty pizzas and toppings to satisfy most crowds.

Domino's seems to have branched out a bit more than Pizza Hut and Papa John's in terms of unique specialty pizzas, toppings and other options such as sandwiches and pasta (of course, the menu options vary by location, so check your local Domino's offerings).

In addition to Domino's "new and improved" tomato-based sauce, they also have a white pizza sauce that is pretty impressive. Let's take a closer look at the menu.

Along with "build your own" style pizza, Domino's has a unique family of specialty pizzas. There's a line of Mediterranean-style artisan pizzas, and what I love about these is their rectangular shape—one pizza serves two people.

Then there's the American legends series. This collection of pizzas offers interesting alternatives to the standard variety. We haven't tried all of these yet, but they do look quite delicious. They feature Hawaiian flavors, Wisconsin cheese, Philadelphia cheese steak, and a Memphis barbecue, among others.

If you crave extra toppings, try the "feast" series of pizzas—"loaded" is the word that comes to mind!

We are indeed impressed with the variety of toppings offered on the Domino's Pizza menu. In addition to the normal stuff, you can also get things like spinach, feta, steak and chicken. White sauce is also offered on one of Domino's specialty pizzas.

Domino's has also added sandwiches to their menu. They look yummy, of course.....but we're there for the pizza!!

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