Dominos Pizza Nutrition

Dominos Pizza nutrition - we're comparing Domino's to Pizza Hut and Papa John's to see how it compares in terms of fat and calories.

We know that all three pizza chains have zero trans fat in all of their pizzas. That's a trend we're seeing more and more and one we like.

PIzza restaurants, Domino's being no exception, are also realizing that more and more people are being health conscious and want to see the nutritional facts on the food they eat.

The Domino's pizza nutrition information is easy to find. There is a link right on the homepage of the Domino's website. They also offer a calorie calculator, allergen information, a page that lists the ingredients in their crusts, toppings and sauces and a handy page that offers up some lighter options including the fat and calories on a few of their select pizzas.

While not everything you eat here is going to be healthy, we do appreciate a restaurant that puts all the information out there so you can see just what you're eating.

So how does Domino's Pizza nutrition stack up to Pizza Hut and Papa John's in terms of fat and calories? Let's take a closer look at a few of the more popular pizza flavors and find out.

(note: all nutritional information has been taken from Pizza Hut, Domino's and Papa John's websites. Is it accurate? We don't know, we just assume they tell the truth.)

Cheese Pizza
Serving Size = 1 slice from a 14" (large) pie, thin crust 

Domino's does appear to be the best in terms of fat.

Next we took each of the pizza restaurants "supreme-type" pizza which comes with a couple different meats and veggies (toppings may vary on each pizza). All include cheese and hand tossed or original crust.

Supreme Pizza (or similar)
Serving size = 1 slice from 14" (large) pizza, original crust

Domino's is doing pretty good again here with the lowest calorie count and saturated fat on this pizza.

Okay, let's look at one more...the classic Pepperoni and Cheese pizza.

Pepperoni & Cheese Pizza
Serving size = 1 slice from 14" (large) pizza, original crust

So Domino's repeatedly seems to have the least amount of calories and fat in their pizza in this small comparison.

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