Freschetta Pizza
The Best Frozen Pizza on the Market

Freschetta pizza is a good frozen pizza for those looking for a lot more variety. Read our pizza review on this awesome frozen pizza.

This brand of frozen pizza is owned by the Schwan Company, the same company that owns Red Baron pizzas. If you’ve ever had Schwan’s deliver frozen goodies to your door, then you know how good their food can be.

But how does their popular frozen pizza (which are available in most grocery stores) stack up?

First off, this frozen pizza comes in lots of different varieties to satisfy many different tastes. They claim to use top-quality ingredients and taste-tested recipes for a better tasting pizza.

But as we all know, good pizza is a very personal thing. Everyone has an opinion…so feel free to share your opinion of this frozen pizza with us!


This pizza brand has a line of “Naturally Rising Pizza”, which is suited for those who love thick crust (raising my hand right now). This type of crust raises like fresh bread and comes in the classic variety of flavors including a Meat Medley, Canadian Style Bacon & Pineapple, Supreme, 4-Cheese and Pepperoni.

The “Simply Inspired” line offers a more unique and untraditional variety of pizza toppings. The veggies come on the pizzas in larger cuts with more “vibrant” sauces.  Flavors include a Harvest Supreme (sun-dried tomatoes, onions, Italian sausage, and feta cheese), Classic Bruschetta and a Farmers Market Veggie (Roma tomatoes, marinated Portabella mushrooms, fire-roasted zucchini, red onion and fresh-harvested basil).

The Artisan Pizza Crust line comes with crusts that are “reminiscent of the rustic hearth ovens of old world Italy...” (according to their website). The crusts are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

You can also get this crust in wheat as well. Lots of great flavors to choose from on the wheat crust such as a Cali-Club pizza, sun-dried tomato and asparagus pizza and a grilled chicken with spinach and Portabella mushroom pizza. Lot’s more options with the regular Artisan crust.

There's also a Brick Oven pizza (fire-baked artisan crust), California Style (thinner crust, more veggie combos) and a Pizzamore (hand-tossed crust).

This frozen pizza brand is joining the ranks of many other brands trying to up their nutritional value by making pizzas with no preservatives and no trans-fat. They use all natural ingredients, which makes them tastier too.

Let’s take a look at the nutritional information on a couple Home Run Inn pizzas (in case you are watching your calories. If you aren’t, or don’t want to know, you may want to click to another page!)

Here we're comparing the DiGiorno Rising Crust Pepperoni versus Freschetta's Naturally Rising Pepperoni pizza.

 Freschetta does fare a little better in fat and calories over DiGiorno in the nutrition department on this pizza, but they are pretty close (Serving size = 1/5th of 12” pizza).

Depending on the type of crust you choose and the toppings, you will probably find the fat and calories to be comparable to the other leading frozen pizzas. But with Freschetta, you do get to go outside the box a bit with the wide variety of options.

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