Godfathers Pizza

Godfathers Pizza is another pizza chain that has found it's place in the heart of pizza lovers around the country. With its "mafioso" name, can't you just hear the theme music to the movie "The Godfather"?

It may not be as big as Papa John's or Domino's, but Godfather's has survived over 30 years in the competitive pizza business, which says something.

Founded in Omaha, Nebraska in 1973 by Willie Theisen, Godfather's has grown to over 600 restaurants.

You won't find Godfather's in every state, but states like Florida, Iowa, Illinois (among others) have many Godfather's locations, while other states (like Colorado) are limited to just a few locations.

You'll also find Godfather's are common on military bases. Many Godfather's locations deliver - check your location to see if delivery available.

What makes Godfathers Pizza different from the rest? Regardless of their menu variety, it all boils down to the taste of the pizza, right? And as we've discussed before, everyone has their own opinion on what makes a pizza good.

The Menu

Godfather's is similar to all the other pizza joints in that they offer a "create-your-own" pizza, or you can choose from one of their specialty pizzas. They also offer various breadsticks, calzones, salads and desserts. But let's stick to the pizza...

Godfather's offers four crusts—a thick and rich, a pan-style crust, a light and crispy, and a stuffed mozzarella crust.  As for toppings, you won't find anything off the beaten path here. Godfather's toppings include the standard veggies and meats. And if gluten free is a concern for you, they offer specialty pizzas that fit the bill. You'll even find gluten free sides and dessert to go with it.

Godfather's does post all their nutritional information right on their website, which we like.They also offer online ordering. We love that feature, especially for a smaller chain. Visit Godfather's website to learn more, and check out Godfather's coupons.

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