Papa Murphys Nutrition

As far as Papa Murphys nutrition goes, is there any reason to believe that their take and bake pizza has less fat and calories than the kind delivered hot to your door?

So how does Domino's stack up to Pizza Hut and Papa John's in terms of fat and calories? Let's take a closer look at a few of the more popular pizza flavors and find out.

(note: all nutritional information has been taken from Pizza Hut, Dominos, Papa John's and Papa Murphy's websites. Is it accurate? We don't know, we just assume they tell the truth.)

Cheese Pizza
Serving Size = 1 slice from a 14" (large) pie, thin crust 

Papa Murphys falls right in line with the rest of the gang in terms of fat and calories with it's cheese pizza on the original crust. If you go with the deLITE® pizza, you'll get a break on the fat and calories.The deLITE® crust is thin and crispy and geared to those watching their waistline.

Next we took each of the pizza restaurants "supreme-type" pizza which comes with a couple different meats and veggies (toppings may vary on each pizza). All include cheese and hand tossed or original crust.

Supreme Pizza (or similar)
Serving size = 1 slice from 14" (large) pizza, original crust

Papa Murphys is up there near Pizza Hut in terms of fat and calories. Our theory of take and bake pizza having less fat and calories is looking to be wrong.

Okay, let's look at one more...the classic Pepperoni and Cheese pizza.

Pepperoni & Cheese Pizza
Serving size = 1 slice from 14" (large) pizza, original crust 

It looks like take and bake pizza isn't going to save you on fat and calories just because you bake it yourself. Sorry to disappoint! Papa Murphys nutrition is again right up there with the rest...and again a little high on the saturated fat.

Doesn't stop us here at's HQ from diving in to a Papa Murphy's stuffed crust pizza from time to time.

Everything in moderation, right?

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