Pizza Baking Stone
Essential For The Perfect Pizza Crust!

What exactly is a pizza baking stone and is it necessary to make a great homemade pie? Well, no, it's not necessary, but it does help to make a delicious pizza.


Mainly because baking stones help distribute heat evenly across the crust and can prevent burning, leaving your crust light and crispy. They really are perfect for making homemade pizza.

I bought my baking stone from The Pampered Chef, but you can find them at any kitchen supply store. They usually come in two shapes; round or rectangular. I like my round stone because it fits my pizzas perfectly. A rectangular one is actually better if you plan to roll out a refrigerated dough right on the stone.

A Couple Of Tips

  • If you plan to place a prepared pizza on the stone (as opposed to rolling out your dough on it), then try heating up your pizza stone before placing your pie on it.
  • Sprinkle a little cornmeal on your stone to prevent sticking and allow your pizza to slide a little easier.
  • If your stone is unglazed (like my Pampered Chef baking stone), do not wash it with soap! The porous stone will absorb the soap and your next pizza may very well taste like soap. Instead, wash it with warm water and use a soft spatula to scrap off any food left after baking.
  • Remember that baking stones are not just for pizza. Try using one for cookies, bread, meats and anything else you would place on a cookie sheet.

Popular Pizza Stones

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