Toppings for Pizza

by Frances
(Melbourne, Australia)

There are lots of wonderful toppings for pizza. My family favorite has been nicknamed our "Greek pizza".

Every time I am cooking roast lamb I make sure that the roast is big enough so that there is some left over for a pizza night. I generally make my own bases in the bread machine but I have also used this topping with tortilla wraps and they still taste great. Tortilla wraps are a great, quick alternative to home-made bases.

When I make my Greek pizzas, I cover the base with tomato paste.

For my topping I use:

  • lamb, chopped

  • sliced kalamata olives

  • capers

  • feta cheese

  • fresh oregano

  • mozzarella

If using a fresh home-made base it needs to be cooked long enough so that the base is thoroughly cooked. If using tortilla wraps they only need to be cooked until the cheese has melted and golden brown.


Hi Frances

Thanks so much for sending in your suggestions for toppings for pizza.

Your Greek pizza sounds really good.

You could even add baby spinach to it. The flavors should blend really well together.

I think my family will have to have roast lamb soon so that we can enjoy the leftovers on a pizza!

Thanks again for sharing your ideas.


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