Totinos Pizza

Totinos pizza is the best frozen pizza on the market. Read about our frozen pizza reviews on frozen and supermarket pizzas.

If you base your frozen pizza selection solely on price, then a pizza by Totino's, owned by General Mills, might be your first choice. One of the cheaper frozen pizzas on the market (less than $2), they sell their Totino's Party Pizzas by the millions every year.

You won't find gourmet toppings or fancy crust options with Totino's. This pizza brand sticks with the crowd-pleasing basics like pepperoni, sausage and cheese. The crust is crispy and on the thin side.


The flavors are pretty basic and somewhat limited to the mainstream variety. They include:

  • Totino's Party Pizza Canadian Bacon
  • Totino's Party Pizza Cheese
  • Totino's Party Pizza Classic Pepperoni
  • Totino's Party Pizza Combination
  • Totino's Party Pizza Hamburger
  • Totino's Party Pizza Mexican Style
  • Totino's Party Pizza Pepperoni
  • Totino's Party Pizza Sausage
  • Totino's Party Pizza Supreme
  • Totino's Party Pizza Triple Cheese
  • Totino's Party Pizza Triple Meat
  • Totino's Party Pizza Triple Pepperoni


In the ballpark with other popular frozen pizzas, the fat and calories in a Totinos pizza is well, not anything to brag about. And of course, with most any frozen food, the sodium is through the roof.

These pizzas aren't very big, in fact, they are smaller than most of the other frozen pizzas (hence the lower price). It would be quite easy for one person to down one of these pizzas (keep that in mind - that would be these numbers times 2!).

Here is the nutritional information for a Totino's sausage pizza. Their pizza is one of the only pizzas we've seen with trans fat. Digiorno pizza, Red Baron pizza and Tombstone pizza all have zero trans fat (not even Pizza Hut pizza, Dominos Pizza, or Papa John's pizza have trans fat).

Cooking Tip

For a crispier crust, bake right on the oven rack.

For a softer crust, bake this pizza on a cookie sheet or baking pan.


Is this a tasty pizza? Well, again...that's a matter of opinion. We'd love to hear yours...

Our Verdict

Our Verdict Definitely an affordable pizza - perfect for a kid's pizza party. But...this pizza is the only pizza we've seen with trans fat. They need to get rid of it.

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